TEC ART @ Rotterdam Art Week

TEC ART @ Rotterdam Art Week

At the TEC ART exhibition, during Rotterdam Art Week, you could once again explore the world of Web Spaces! I had my dual-screen interactive installation up and running, where webpages are transformed into 3D ‘buildings’ in real time. As well as 3D prints of worlds most valuable webpage’s, printed in precious metals.

Web Space - Google in Gold and Titanium - 25mm (sold)
YouTube - 3D printed Web Space

I also got some nice compliments during the show. One of them was the following: “At the same time, you learn something.” I was glad to hear that, because I try to make my work and the world of Web Spaces accessible to the visitors. That’s also why I always take along the banner (see image above), which accompanies the works with some explanation and context. I think some of the other works in the exhibition would have benefited from some (more) explanation/description as well. I feel some of their context was lost in the chaos that is TEC ART.

Chaos or not, TEC ART was definitely a great spectacle!

Suspended Animation by Maartje Dijkstra
Work by Heidi Hörsturz