Trying out projector @ Museumplein Drachten

Trying out projector @ Museumplein Drachten

I’ve been asked by Museum Dr8888 to make an interactive light installation for the Museumplein in Drachten. It will run every evening, for three months, starting mid October.

Yesterday evening I started to experiment with what’s available: a 4x5m floor projection, a top mounted camera and a computer running AdVis 2.1 software.

Unfortunately AdVis, which is a software to make interactive projections with, wouldn’t recognize the people walking in the projection area. Also, with AdVis you can only tweak some very simple, ready-made, interactive projections. So I don’t think I’m going to be using that…

Jip de Beer trying out the projector for his upcoming light installation at Museumplein Drachten.

From the top mounted camera I got a very noise black and white signal… But when I projected the noisy camera feed on the floor immediately some pedestrians started playing with their own top projection! I think the camera could drive some interesting interactive projection. Let’s see what I can come up with in the coming weeks!