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Card Match Game

Playing cards with targeted Google Ads.

How to play

It's you versus the computer. You have the first turn. Click on a card and try to find the one other matching card. Carefully remember the location of each card, because your computer adversary remembers! Your turn ends if you didn't find two matching cards. You'll get bonus points if you find multiple matches in a row. Also, try not to think too long... because the longer you take the lower your score will be!

Good luck!


About AdSense Memory

Serious Game

You've got a memory, but so does the Internet! If you're using an ad blocker than this game is probably not for you. If you aren't, then AdSense Memory will raise your adwareness!

They Have a Profile on You!

Advertising networks monitor your online browsing behavior to show you more effective advertising. The playing cards in the AdSense Memory game are specifically targeted towards your browsing profile. Perhaps you'd rather keep your browsing information private...

Benefit of Ads

The biggest benefit of ads is obviously the revenue source for content creators. Free content is available all over the internet. But it costs time (and money) to publish content. Advertising allows the content to be freely accessible for consumers, since the advertisers pay the content creators.

A benefit of targeted ads is that you'll see ads that are relevant to you. If you have to look at ads anyway, they might as well be interesting. Right? If you're determined to spend money, targeted advertising could make your online shopping a lot more effective. You could even come across awesome discounts and promotions!

Do Not Track

If you're worried about privacy, but don't mind the ads (since they support content creators) you could enable the 'Do Not Track' option in your web browser. It's up to the advertising networks to honor your request (which means it's often ignored).

Social Networks and Analytics

Social networks (e.g. Facebook and Google Plus) and online analytics frameworks (such as Google Analytics) also track your online behavior. Insights from this data could be used to improve the services you use, or to show you targeted advertising.

Security Issues

Ads can expose you to security issues. Since advertising is almost everywhere on the internet, it's the perfect distribution channel for people with malicious intent. Since ads are often indistinguishable from the actual website content, there's a risk you'll end up with malware because you clicked the wrong button.

However, blocking ads can also decrease your security! Rooting your Android phone to block ads or relying on third parties to update your hosts file may do more harm than good for your privacy and security.

Problems with Ad Blockers

Not all Ad Blockers are as noble as you might think. Some (like Adblock Plus) are paid by advertising networks to whitelist their ads... so you'll still see ads from the biggest advertisers! But probably the biggest issue is that blocking ads means no income for many online services and publications.

Another issue is that sites may start malfunctioning after blocking (too much) content. Some sites (like this site) check if ads are blocked and warn the user. But if you go 'extreme' and combine multiple Ad Blockers with all options turned on, you may run into annoying technical problems you need to solve yourself.

Sources on Online Advertising


AdSense Memory tries to raise awareness about online advertising practices. The images displayed in the playing cards are sourced from targeted Google Ads. The google_adtest parameter is set to 'on', to make sure advertisers don't have to pay. The footer ad and the ad on the right side of this page are unmodified targeted Google Ads.