Vegan Day

Because it may be difficult (initially) to become vegan, I’ve made this iCal feed you can subscribe to. It’s called Vegan Day and it will add one ‘whole day event’ to your calendar for which it says “Today it is Vegan Day”. Just say to yourself that you’ll be vegan on Vegan Day and become vegan one day at a time 🙂

I’ve watched the Cowspiracy documentary in which they say: “Not eating meat for one day, just means that you’re doing something bad 6 days of the week instead of 7”. Or something similar to that anyway. Vegan Day takes the good from eating vegan for just one day, and takes out the hard part of doing it every day. Just wake up and look on your calendar. You’ll realize that today is a vegan day, without it being overwhelming. It’s just for today. The next days will go the same…

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Random Vegan Comic – Google Chrome Extension

I wasn’t incredibly happy with how my previous Google Chrome extension turned out, so on the same day I made Random Vegan Comic.

With the plugin installed a random comic made by Vegan Sidekick will be added to about 20% of the pages you visit. It’s inserted right after the longest paragraph on the page, and only if the page contains a long paragraph of text. So it fits quite naturally within each page 🙂

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Brainwash Yourself – Google Chrome Extension

Have you ever heard that story about subconscious Coca Cola advertising in the cinema? Well, if you haven’t here’s a bit of text quoted from

The birth of subliminal advertising as we know it dates to 1957 when a market researcher named James Vicary inserted the words “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” into a movie.

The words appeared for a single frame, allegedly long enough for the subconscious to pick up, but too short for the viewer to be aware of it. The subliminal ads supposedly created an 18.1% increase in Coke sales and a 57.8% increase in popcorn sales.

Vicary’s results turned out to be a hoax. But more recent experiments have shown that subliminal messages actually can affect behavior in small ways.

Inspired by this story, I wanted to experiment with the concept of subconscious messages inside an internet browser. Instead of companies and other external parties trying to influence you, wouldn’t it be nice if you could influence yourself with something you choose?

Brainwash Yourself is my first attempt at making a Google Chrome browser extension. It allows you to choose one or more images that will be shown for only a fraction of a second during browsing. If you want to be happier, you could choose an image that makes you happy. Or if you want to be reminded that you need to drink enough water, you could choose images of water bottles, waterfalls, whatever makes you thirsty. Or motivate yourself to work-out more or think of your friends or family. The default image is a sunflower.

Brainwash Yourself Default Image - Sunflower

Currently the image flashes every 10 seconds, which may be a bit too often. Why? Well… according to the story the single advertising frame was visible too short for the viewer to be aware of it. Maybe too short to be fully aware of what is shown in the frame, but it’s quite obvious that something is flashing! Especially when browsing on the web, where pages are usually static with a light background and a lot of text, it’s distracting when an image is suddenly flashed all over the screen. Even if it’s just for the duration of a single frame.

The plugin uses window.requestAnimationFrame() to show the image as short as possible. But it still makes me blink every time the image is shown. So this approach is not very successful at influencing yourself subliminally – but you can still try to influence yourself with it!

The code is on GitHub. To install it in Google Chrome you need to go to download the code from GitHub. Then go to chrome://extensions/, turn on developer mode, load unpacked extension, choose the ‘brainwash_yourself‘ folder. You can choose images via the plugin settings. Toggling the plugin on or off is supposed to work by clicking on the plugin icon, but that’s not really working. So you should turn off the plugin in chrome://extensions/.

Rapping.Reviews has been released!

It’s almost 4 weeks since I released my Rapping.Reviews project. After about a year of hard work, crazy rap auditions and a long search for affordable and performant managed WordPress hosting the website is finally live. Check out the trailer!

Rapping.Reviews automatically analyzes the reviews from Movies and TV Series and presents them in the form of a rap battle music video. Currently the site contains raps about more than 13.000 Movies and TV Series and automatically updates itself every day (provided that there are enough new IMDb reviews). You can read more about the concept on the About Rapping.Reviews page.

Some raps work well, some don’t – that’s part of the joke. Personally I liked the rap from ‘50 Shades of Grey’, it’s quite a hefty battle! Especially the ending…

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Friends Season 1 – An Average Episode

I recently read an article about average faces which made me curious about moving average images. How would an average movie of a certain director look like? Or what would the average ‘I love you’ phrase in a movie look AND sound like? While I was thinking about this, somebody told me this has already been done with the first season of the Friends TV Series. So I looked up the YouTube video “Watch Every Episode of Friends Simultaneously” (embedded below).

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